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Boris Prodanovic

Minimalist | Traveler | Social Entrepreneur

… and then there is another intriguing thought that has been going through my mind for some time now. It’s about value and its meaning. This creates such ambivalent feelings. On the one hand there is sadness, extreme sadness, and on the other hand these thoughts evoke perspective and an incredible dimension of freedom.

In the process of letting go, reducing unnecessary ballast, getting rid of habits, disposing of sentimental things, it is inevitable to reflect on the life lived. Looking at my photos, listening to old music or any other occasion to go down memory lane. Now, that the first half of my life lies behind me, looking back I wonder about the value of my views, opinions, actions, my entire attitude towards life. Big question marks come up.

No matter what I look at in my personal review, nothing, but nothing seems to be worth anything. No value I could take with me, no value to support my zest for life.

We all hold onto something. We collect memories. We collect material things. What then does it mean to realize that there is no true value to all this?

It makes me sad, it is scary. And then there is that feeling of an immense potential for freedom and happiness.